Certainly! Here are some frequently asked questions (FAQs) and their corresponding answers about our credit card feel free to as us more if you want more

From the shop page select the card you want to buy and proceed to checkout where you will be expected to complete the payment for the card via bitcoin. First make sure you have the bitcoin in your wallet then scan the code to send or copy and past the wallet address complete the payment and we will proceed with the delivery of your ordered card to your address or any location indicated. Make sure to provide a valid address and contact information when you checkout

Anybody can obtain and use our cards at any ATM for cash out and steady income. All you need to have is  bitcoin wallet loaded with bitcoin to complete the checkout.

We immediately process your order and deliver your card within a maximum duration of 3 days you should get your card and you will be able to start spending immediately.

We will activate your card for you and you will only receive activated cards ready for use. You can start using the card until you empty its out. You can contact us to activate and reload any empty cards.

You can check the card balance at any ATM lose to you when you receive the card. All you will need to do is insert the card and use the pin to get access to the card and start withdrawal.

We will replace any cards that have low balance or if the card arrived our clients and it has no funds. in this case you should contact is within 24hrs to get a quick replacement of the card.

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